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Fractions are numbers that represent parts of a whole. They are used to divide or express quantities into smaller parts, helping us to understand and work with portions of a whole, such as dividing a pizza into slices or calculating parts of a larger whole.


Radicals are numbers that represent roots, such as the square or cube root of a value. They are used to express quantities that are not rational and help us calculate precise measurements, solve equations, and work with numbers that cannot be expressed as rational numbers.

Basic mathematical logic

Mathematical logic is a discipline that focuses on the study and formalization of reasoning and thinking using a specific set of rules and symbols. Its main objective is to provide a rigorous and precise framework for expressing ideas, arguments and relationships in the field of mathematics.


A function is a rule that assigns to each real number of the set, called domain, a single real number of another set, called codomain.


The limit of a function is a fundamental concept in mathematics that describes the behavior of the function around a specific point. It provides crucial information about the trend of the function in situations near that point, allowing to analyze its behavior and properties, such as continuity, discontinuities or extreme values.

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